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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Finding Love

Taking about the worst part was done. And even though I said that kissing him was overwhelming, etc. I believe that is was also the best thing that has ever happened. I made it very unclear to what it made me feel like. I confused you, made it hard to understand, made it difficult. I did all this because it has all aspects... Good and bad.

April 9th, 2013.
Our 1st month anniversary!
I was going to sleep at his house, to celebrate his birthday. His mom was very kind about it and wanted me to stay. Due to school related problems, I was not allowed, because my parents knew that this is what I wanted the most.
That Friday, I did go to his house, had a great time, met some of his friends!
A couple of minutes before my phone rang...We kissed. 
I would never say that he is perfect. No one is. But he is perfect to me. 
The way he talks to me. The way he can make me feel like I am the only girl he cares about. 
The fact that he can be so worried when something happens to me. 
Making sure I trust him.
Letting me know he loves me.
The persistence in his voice when he knows I am upset about something.
All these things add up to him.
And this him...I love him. 

I needed to think about what I am doing. If it is right for him, and for me. For some time I was scared that I do not "love" him. But that only lasted a week. I think that... Love is so difficult to find, that when we find it...we get frightened...and I got a little scared. 

After, I noticed that I did in fact, find love.

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