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Saturday, 11 May 2013


I am happy. I smile a lot, and I always help, and want to be with people.
But there is an exception sometimes. I can be anti-social...

I can snap at you by accident. I can say things I don't want to. I might even yell, or get stressed, upset around you. Emotions, events, and situations, are all things you need to deal with. Physiologically. Mentally, you need to be free and open to everything that is coming your way. 

Being a teenager, with all these hormones your body goes through...being young is not easy...but IT IS FUN!

I am's hard to get in my head. Figure me out. Understand me. But if I calm down...I might reveal a part of me you have never seen.

Everyone has a sexual, an imaginative, a perverted, a comedic, an emotional, a shy, an open, aspect to their personality. 

Now I am usually imaginative, comedic, open person...

But I do have perverted, sexual, closed, emotional, shy aspect to my life; That I never show.

Only a few has seen. 

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