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Monday, 20 May 2013

The Good & The Bad

I am not sure why I am writing this, and leaving it public... :D

Right now I feel stupid for writing this so openly :D :D

And I have no idea why people are reading this :P Its kind of stupid, what I have to say.

Sooooo here are somethings most people... Who ever is reading this might not know about me.....

1. I used to love pink (the color). I was always in pink with skirts and all that. Now I am not sure who's reading this, but most of you don't know me since kindergarden or anything. So, this is how it breaks down.

I never really liked girls to be my friends...and sooo I never really dressed like a girl.

Only recently have I started wearing skirts etc.

2. I am extremely shy, and have stage fright... I cannot perform form in front of people.
I am so bad at getting up and singing on my own...
Talking acting etc is completely fine but like sitting down, playing the guitar and singing... Nah ah!

And just my personality... I am so shy with girls... like I will put on an act for an hour before I start to talk or be like my self because I am just shy to be me.


Some of you may know me well enough to know that I have... basically verbal diarrhea...

I can argue about or for something... for hours... I can try to talk about any subject.... and I just..I talk a lot..

Kayyyyyy soooo
Thats enough unknown information about me...

If you feel like it comment something that you would like me to talk about...
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