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Monday, 8 July 2013

the truth

I'm hurting a lot right now. This wouldn't be normal for any one and it is not normal for me. I've been through a lot in the last 6 months, but the worst and the best have been the past 4.
4 months ago, I met Andris. Even though he is younger than me, he is different than what I know.
I've always wanted a boyfriend, but I've never needed one before.
4 months ago, I never would have even thought about wearing a biki.
12 months ago, I was happy, no worries, confident, smart, useful.
Something clicked sometime during this year, I was so CONFIDENT... 6th grade, 7th grade.... I had no issues doing anything... and now....

I can't ask a stranger shit... And its so fucking annoying.  

I over think everything, like EVERYTHING!!!

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