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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

read it your self

The first time I looked into your eyes... was at backwards basketball when we were skiing.
I remember because it's like time froze... and it was only us, our hands touched as you passed me the ball... and we just stared.
Every time we did that I smiled. I couldn't keep it in.
I remember I was so nervous when we went down to the swimming pool, because, well... I am not the fittest girl... I am self cautious  about my body... well yeah so... I was nervous... and by then I sort of had feelings for you so yes... I didn't know what you'll think.
In the end I don't think you cared, which is good, cuz you make me feel beautiful! ^^
And then the first time you said you loved me, and meant it in that way... We became an item.
Then the first time you kissed me :$ ^^

These will always stay in my heart in my love for you.

Sometimes people change, situations change. Things get blurry not black and white, unreadable.

Things get hard, bumpy.

I won't give up. I hope you won't either.

I think everything relies on respect, time, effort, trust and communication.

My standards aren't high... because each person can bring something different into a relationship.

What ever happens. I'll still love you, no matter what.

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