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Monday, 12 August 2013

so... a little update

I haven't done a blog for quite a while... I could have, I sorta have the time... but I didn't, I just haven't had everything processed to to write anything.

One of the huge things that have happened recently is that we're parted with my boyfriend... I guess we broke up but not for any bad reason or anything, but just because, I'm moving, and etc. I'll be so far away... and it's really stressful, in my opinion.
The other thing is, that I am literally 3 days away from the 8am plane ride to Canada, where I am going to be... for A LONG TIME!
It's extremely stressful, sad, gets me angry and upset, and on top of that... I really love my boyfriend and I don't want to leave... He has changed a lot about me, influenced me in a lot of good ways, and made me more open and confident. Since, teenagers have very complex thinking... they often are overwhelmed with thought, and emotions. I am one of those teenagers whose life is all over the place added with moving added with normal teen drama added with parent issues added with a lot of other things... It can be a lot some times. So, I had a lot of suicidal thoughts before, and...had a rough time with my body image and who I am. Just had a lot like issues that only a couple people helped me with.
And basically he (my ex, or whatever), helped me a lot through a lot of this... Maybe he doesn't know, but whatever.
We are both young people but the way we think isn't very unformed and ignorant. We are both very mature people... Don't get me wrong, we make SOOO many MISTAKES, we are YOUNG:D

But he gets me... I get him... :D

He has become like a very important person.

Most kids don't go through this... but I know some do and that's why I write about it<3

Whatever. So I guess... I'm saying... I am not sad, about breaking up with him... I mean I ain't the type a girl who can get a boyfriend easily:D But he can get a girlfriend fast!! He will forget sooo fast!:D

I'm not... I mean... lets go with, I'm not a catch!

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